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About Us

Dianna Tindell - Founder

Tindell's new location is located in Winter Haven, Florida, having had business in Nashville, TN, for over 25 years. We offer restoration specialists with international experience and advanced techniques.  We have a safe, efficient, and climate-controlled facility.  We offer state-of-the-art techniques with museum-quality products and equipment as well as a network of international experts to solve most any challenge.   

Tindell's Restoration Studios offers a broad spectrum of services with many resources. Conservation & Restoration services included but not limited to:  Oil Paintings/Artworks - Works on paper/maps/books - Textiles - Graphics/Photos - Frame Restoration and Conservation Framing - Sculptures/Figurines - Crystal & Glass - Rare/Unusual Items.

Tindell's Restoration offers a Full Service for Disaster Relief to include Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold damage with insurance claims, including but not limited to:  - Claims Filing - On-Site Review - Detailed Damage Analysis with photos - Pickup / Delivery - Appraisals - Storage


Tindell's strives to continue their research and development with visits to well-known places to acquire additional first-hand training regarding state-of-the-art processing techniques, equipment, and materials in all mediums of restoration.

Tindell's Restoration has aided in fundraising for events on HGTV Educational, Shriner's Groups, St. Jude, Habitat for Humanity, Animal Rescue Organizaitons, and many local community groups. 

We also try to be part of events happening within our industry and are often the main guest speakers or seminars within that Exhibition or Conference.  To name a few - Restoration & Renovation events, Antiques & Garden Show, Good Morning America with so many museum events we can only name a few such as Frist, Houston, Cheekwood, Downing, Clarksville, Travelers, Country Music Center, and a large part in national association conferences with large volume attendance such as the Las Vega Expo, the CPPC, ACNA and APTA. 

Tindell's Restoration stays current with changes and updates in connection to Museums, Industries, and Associations. Events with:

  • KPM (Berlin), Dresden, Meissen (Germany)

  • ACNA, Appraisers Assoc. of America

  • USAA military claims, APTA - Assoc. Preservation of TN Antiquities

  • Cheekwood & Frist Museums ( Nashville, TN ) & many others

  • National Corning Museum of Glass, New York

  • Dayton Art Institute, Dayton & many other Institutes

  • CPPC - Claims Prevention & Procedure Council

    • National Art & Frame & Professional Picture Framers Assoc

  • Academy of Restoration, SteamPunk Association

About Tindell's Restoration Studios
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