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Unusual & Rare Media Types

Historic Museum Items, Collector's Treasures, One of a Kind Rarities, Priceless Objects

With rare pieces, you will find our clients to be incredibly satisfied. Tindell's rare and valuable pieces have included many museum items, one-of-a-kind collector pieces, and irreplaceable historical treasures so numerous that a listing would be too long.  Should you want to discuss some of our rare restoration/conservation projects, please feel free to contact us. 

Tindell's has restored items requiring armed guard during the processing as well as keyed courier situations that have included special time-sensitive unveiling events for royalty, patron donor museum functions, and music star celebrations.

The term art conservation denotes the maintenance and preservation of works of art and their protection from future damage and deterioration. Art restoration, by contrast, denotes the repair or renovation of artworks that have already sustained injury or decay and the attempted restoration of such objects to something approaching their original undamaged appearance. The techniques and methods of art conservation and restoration go hand in hand and became the province of trained professionals in the 20th century. They have become an increasingly important aspect of the work not only of museums but also of civic authorities and all those concerned with works of art, whether artists, collectors, or gallery goers. The methods of art restoration used in earlier periods were closely linked to and limited by the art production techniques known at the time. Advances in science and technology and the development of conservation as a profession in the 20th century have led to safer and more effective approaches to studying, preserving, and restoring objects. Modern conservation practice adheres to the principle of reversibility, which dictates that treatments should not cause permanent alteration to the object. Art conservation has become an important research tool; it is a standard practice among professional conservators to document treatments with photographs and written reports.


Tindell's understands the importance of the rare items and is most often requested for assistance with the "Scheduled Items" within a disaster insurance claim due to their higher value and importance.  We work closely with the client and the adjusters to make certain the original values, and the restored / conserved values are taken into account.  We aid in the configuration for the "loss of value" between the original value and the damaged value.  We often do appraisals to assist the client and the insurance to update the "Scheduled Items" policy.  Great care is taken during this process with minutely detailed documentation, including extensive photos.

We strongly recommend a review of insurance every few years to be sure the coverage has increased as the "Schedule Items" often have greater values.  If a disaster, you want to be sure your insurance has been kept updated to cover the loss.

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