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Tapestry, Samplers, Sport Jerseys, Fine Textiles



Tindell's Restoration of Winter Haven, Florida, has restored many textiles through the years and has experienced many challenges in the preservation of a wide range of fabric and fiber-based items, which include but are not limited to: tapestries, embroideries, flags, samplers, costumes, quilts, sports jerseys, and weavings. We have had to learn how to clean fire, smoke, water, and mold damage from the fabric without harm to the fragile pieces or loss of color in the dyes.


​Most damage to textiles is age-related; over time, works may discolor, fade, darken, and deteriorate, causing splits and losses in the material. The conservator stabilizes the textiles using delicate stitching with special conservation threads.  We use conservation mounting to include various options that best display the fabric without stress on its overall mass. 

Tindell's enjoys the creative process of selecting the right conservation framing, and we like to include the client in the choices available. We can float, shadow box, mat, and use conservation glaze (glass) with spacers for the piece as well as other more unusual displays.  Often the client doesn't realize that most older framing of textiles involved the use of acidic cardboard, damaging tapes, and stapling, to name just a few harmful techniques. The framing industry has made great improvements to remedy long-term damage to the framing of textiles, and we recommend that clients take a closer look at the older framing and consider updates.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation about your textile considerations.

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