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  • How is an On-Site Review and Appraisal helpful ?
    When a Disaster happens, there are many services that get involved for relief and clean up. It can be an overwhelming task trying to determine allowances to consider. Tindells has over 30 years of experience helping clients have a better understanding of what is salvageable, what has an appraisal value for restoration and what sentimental items insurance will allow within a claim. Fast emergency site response might help prevent something valuable being thrown away or damaged further. We can aid in a detailed submission of contents for an insurance claim.
  • What areas of restoration can we assist with?
    Tindell's has a very broad spectrum of expertise in restoring a variety of contents (artwork, frames, photos, works on paper, books, textiles, sculptures, figurines, antique collectibles, and unusual items of mixed media types). We specialize in the "scheduled items" for museum quality level conservation and restoration. We can offer referrals to other experts within our network on items we are knowledgeable about but do not restore.
  • Do you offer packing and handling of items?
    Tindell's can offer preventive packing and handling to secure items from further damage related to fire, smoke, water, mold and more. We can schedule convenient transportation of items to our climate-controlled secure storage. We can also assist with shipping instructions to other handlers.
  • Do you offer client consultations during the selection process of new replacement items, conservation of artworks and framing, or other restoration decisions?
    Tindell's wants our clients to be very pleased with the final completion of all items. We try to communicate choices available on framing to include the mat colors, frames, type of glass, and treatment options. We understand there might be items of sentimental or historic appearance that you may not want to be changed. We work hard to do the very best to communicate with our clients to provide the best services within the insurance claim allowance.
  • What timeline for completion of items can be offered?
    Tindell's processing is fast and efficient for the turn-around of most all items. We can discuss and determine deadlines. Depending on the challenges of the pieces, we may need more time allowances for special orders, longer processing times, and if the total number of items is large.

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