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frame Restoration

Expert Frame Restoration of All Types

We Restore & preserve Frames of all types: Antique and Modern, Wood, Gesso, Gold & Silver Leaf, Faux Finish, Carved Relief, Venetian Glass, Mixed Media Types, and More.
Tindell's frame restoration techniques preserve the original age and patina for old, antique, and/or vintage frames.  We are experts in creating new parts that very closely match the right body content.  We absolutely love the magic that takes place in restoring an old, dirty, and damaged frame to a renewed version of itself as it was meant to be.​
Our frame restoration services include cleaning, neutralizing, reversing of old repairs and overpaint, stabilization of corners and decorations, fabrication of missing pieces or ornamentation, color-matched in painting, toning, and gilding in either true gold leaf or composition metal leaf.  In addition to frame gilding, we also restore gold leaf on a variety of surfaces, including art objects, furniture, artifacts, and on-site architectural elements.

In addition, we are up to the challenge of restoration for those newer frame types, which can often have a lot of damage after a Fire, Smoke, Water, or Mold Disaster.  We can clean them to include mold remediation, smoke removal, and overall replenishment of the original surface, including chips, scratches, and more.  We also have great resources to locate an exact or very close replacement frame for newer items.  If a group or pair of framed items, we can compose a value clarification to allow the insurance to aid in the replacement of the entire set of frames to keep the grouping matched.

We do not recommend just cleaning the "outside" of the framed item if in a fire or flood.  In most cases, it is not wise to ignore the fact that ALL pieces of the components of the framed item should be completely taken apart, all items restored, and placed back together with updated, clean parts.  It is amazing just how deep the smoke and water can penetrate framing, and a few months later, indications of mold will appear or the smell of smoke will be more dominant.   So, we highly recommend a complete cleaning and inspection.

Our framing department is very creative, and we like to include our clients in the process of choices to best suit the overall appearance of the artwork being framed.  We can look at a client's room choices for the display and help coordinate with the wall colors, furnishings, and overall preferences.  Please feel free to contact us for a consultation regarding any framing event.  Framing is an investment as it not only offers great visual opportunities to enhance a room but aids in the overall value of the artwork within.

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