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Sculpture, statues, art objects


With every sculpture restoration project or monument restoration, the integrity of the piece is of utmost importance. When Tindell's Restoration ofWinter Haven, Florida, assesses a piece, we detail every consideration as to the object's display.  We like to take into consideration the environment because that is very important. If a piece is being displayed in a busy lobby, on a special pedestal, outdoors in a fountain, and in lots of other scenarios, we have to make certain that all structures involved are safe both for the public and the piece. Environmental considerations can be very important to overall success.

Tindells has worked on figures, sculptures, and monuments made of bronze, silver, brass, metals, stone, wood, copper, leather, glass, and various mixed media composite materials. We have completed a variety of sculpture conservation projects that range from routine sculpture cleaning and maintenance to repairs and fabrication of replacement parts. Common sculpture repairs have included the treatment of corrosion, cracks, flaking paint, bronze sculpture patination, and stabilization treatments.

If the piece has been affected by Fire, Smoke, Water, or Mold, our years of involvement with disaster relief have gained us the knowledge to examine every aspect that might need to be considered short and long-term.  We can help determine the value both before and after the disaster to include the value difference once restoration has been completed. We can offer advice as to the overall expectations of the restoration results even when the piece has been badly damaged. It is amazing what can be recovered.  If you want a consultation and some examples of recoveries from what might have been considered hopeless, feel free to contact us.

If your sculpture or monument is of a size that can be shipped, we can coordinate crating, rigging, and shipping to our studio, where we can perform any necessary treatments and assessments. We have experienced items so large that a portion of a building had to be removed in order to lift the piece by crane to get it delivered to our site. If the piece is too large or placed in a way that shipping is not an option, our staff can travel and do the assessment and treatment on-site if the environment can be modified to be conducive for the treatments necessary within that space.  We can assist in discussion to determine the best considerations.

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