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RESTORATION SERVICES fire, smoke, water, mold

Disaster Relief for damage - fire, smoke, Water, Mold, & More

Tindell's Restoration of Winter HAven, Florida has over 30 years of excellent business, and our work has extended to an international level. Our services have reached out to encompass an extensive network of experts in many areas of restoration and conservation. We have a wide range of expertise, and with the network, our assistance can be offered throughout locations in the US as well as international options.   Our main location is in Winter Haven, Florida, servicing a lot of the southeast US.


Our work offers both restoration and conservation, with the integrity of each item our main focus.  We have assisted many disaster relief contractors needing guidance regarding the "contents" of major claims.  Our knowledge related to the "scheduled items" of an insurance policy has been extremely valuable.  Many items are considered priceless regardless of market value as treasured heirlooms, and we find it rewarding to save those pieces for our clients. We are experienced with remediation for Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold.


So many service requests include a note that we were highly recommended by prior clients.  We have restored items for many museums, private collections, high-profile establishments, historical societies, and much more.  For a more detailed referral listing, please feel free to contact us.  


We have several pages on our website with detailed text and photo illustrations.  With over 30 years of activity, our Gallery and specific website pages of our services include artworks, conservation framing, framing restoration, textiles, paper documents, maps, books, sculptures, and rare, unusual objects. 

The wide variety of items we can restore is more than we can include within the website, so don't hesitate to contact us for help in other areas.  We can be helpful with a consultation and recommendation with our network resources.

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