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Paper Conservation, artworks, Documents, Maps, photos, Books 

expertise in most ALL works on paper, photos, artworks, sports materials, books, maps, even vellum


Tindell's Restoration of Winter Haven, Florida, has expertise in a wide range of rare and valuable objects that are paper-based. The paper objects, due to their vulnerability, must be cared for properly to ensure their appreciation and value for decades to come. With over 30 years of handling disaster relief items for quick preservation during exposure to Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold issues, Tindell's has had wonderful results with special products and treatments that meet the most severe damage remedies imaginable.

We have worked with artworks including, but not limited to:  etchings, lithographs, engravings, graphite, charcoal, prints, drawings, pastels, watercolors, and mixed media types. In addition, we have restored many historical documents including, but not limited to:  military, famous signatures, diplomas, artist sketches, sports, blueprints, diagrams, certificates, letters, etc.

We have restored so many different types of rare and valuable books, including the covers, binding, pages, illustrations with special gold leaf, hidden images on edges, hand-painted artwork, applied mixed media items, etc. We have assisted with the restoration of display items for the historical books in various types of custom furniture pieces as well as more modern casing.

The key to caring for works on paper is to pay attention to the environment.  As paper is sensitive to its surroundings, such as a temperature-controlled location away from direct sunlight. We also offer beneficial conservation framing with matting and framing with UV-protected glass.

We have photos on our site and many more we can share by request. On our site are a few pictures of a Houston museum graphite pencil drawing titled "Paco Bueno Horse" from the Houston Museum 1947 - horse in various positions. This very large piece, about 5 ft x 4 ft considered "oversized," was in a water damage disaster and the acid from the old framing added to the water staining. Tindell's was able to restore it beautifully.  Another set of photos on our site shows a huge historical map Tindells restored as an original damaged mounted wrong that included the signed papers as it was in Adolf Hitler's Eagle's Nest, Germany.

Please free to contact us for consultation regarding any works on paper. We also do amazing work on damaged photos, and we have included a few Before and After example pics on our website.

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