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Tindell's Restoration Studios provides expert conservation and restoration services that bring history to life. Old faded photos and paintings will be a thing of the past - restored to their former glory, you'll see pieces of history exactly as they were intended to be viewed.

Our team of experienced art conservators uses a combination of modern and traditional techniques to help preserve your valuable items. We can remove discoloration, repair damages, or restore objects to their original condition. Our conservation services are also designed to protect against future damage and aging.

Whether it's an old photo you'd like to keep for generations, or a masterpiece that needs saving, Tindell's Restoration Studios can help you make it happen! Contact us today for more information about our art conservation and restoration services. Let us help preserve your treasures today!

-->On-site evaluations:

-->REACH OUT TODAY! 615-945-2950 #DisasterRelief #HurricaneRecovery #FloridaArtRestoration

-->For museum-quality restoration services, contact Tindell's Restoration today! #Hurricane #Disaster #Restoration #Conservation, #Smoke, #Fire, #Water, #Mold, #Framing

Tindell's Restoration offers Full-Service restorations for Disaster Relief, including Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold damage. All restoration types are considered.

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