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Oil Paintings, Mixed Media, watercolors, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, pastels & More

A major part of Tindell's Restoration of business relates to the wonderful opportunities to perform restoration on various media types of artwork.

We find the bulk of the media type is oil paintings that need a lot of care to clean, condition, and conservation frame. We have more to framedcanvas fabric than other types, such as mounts on board, etc.

Often we receive paintings framed wrongly, which can continue to create long-term harm to the painting. We have products that offer protective separation of the frame from the painting including Velora, conservation tapes, special spacers and hardware without harmful nails or screws, support conservation boards, etc.

Whether it is your great-grandparent's artistic ability, a child's first art attempt, or a noted piece from Sotheby's or Christie's, we are ready to assist. Please do not hesitate to consult us to conserve and protect your treasures.

-->>REACH OUT TODAY! 615-945-2950 #DisasterRelief #HurricaneIanRecovery #FloridaArtRestoration -->For museum-quality restoration services, contact Tindell's Restoration today! #HurricaneIan #Disaster #Restoration #Conservation, #Smoke, #Fire, #Water, #Mold, #Framing

Tindell's Restoration offers Full-Service restorations for Disaster Relief, including Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold damage. All restoration types are considered.

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