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After a disaster, taking the necessary steps to prevent further damage to your belongings is crucial. Tindell's Restoration can help you from our climate-controlled facility in Winter Haven, FL. We can provide original vs. restored values for your damaged objects, which can help determine insurance coverage. We use state-of-the-art techniques with museum-quality products and equipment to provide the best possible care for your valuable items. We offer a wide range of restoration services, including oil paintings, artworks, conservation framing, photos, works on paper, maps, books, sculptures, figurines, textiles, and more. For quality restoration services, contact Tindell's Restoration today! #HurricaneIanRecovery #FloridaStrong #HurricaneIan #Conservation #Restoration #Repair #Framing

Tindell's Restoration offers Full-Service restorations for Disaster Relief, including Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold damage. All restoration types are considered.

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