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*Paper Conservation, Artwork, Documents, Maps, Photos, & Books*

*Paper Conservation, Artwork, Documents, Maps, Photos, & Books*

Tindell's Restoration of Winter Haven, Florida, has expertise in a wide range of rare and valuable objects that are paper-based. The paper objects, due to their vulnerability, must be cared for properly to ensure their appreciation and value for decades to come. With over 30 years of handling disaster relief items for quick preservation during exposure to Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold issues, Tindell's has had wonderful results with special products and treatments that meet the most severe damage remedies imaginable.

We have worked with artworks including, but not limited to: etchings, lithographs, engravings, graphite, charcoal, prints, drawings, pastels, watercolors, and mixed media types. In addition, we have restored many historical documents including, but not limited to: military, famous signatures, diplomas, artist sketches, sports, blueprints, diagrams, certificates, letters, etc.

We have restored so many different types of rare and valuable books, including the covers, binding, pages, illustrations with special gold leaf, hidden images on edges, hand-painted artwork, applied mixed media items, etc. We have assisted with the restoration of display items for the historical books in various types of custom furniture pieces as well as more modern casing. Restoration of Winter Haven, Florida, has worked with thousands of artworks requiring the best conservation framing available during the restoration process. We make certain that the framing offers long-term care of the valuable piece within.

More often than not, the older framing of a photograph, print, document, or artwork did not include the proper techniques referred to as "conservation" framing. Already, certain chemical reactions have begun to occur, which can result in yellowing, brittleness, and overall deterioration. Colors can fade, clarity will decrease, and eventually, the value of the image will diminish.

Tindell does not only use the most updated techniques for conservation framing, we also assist our clients with the layout of choices for the overall best display. We offer expertise in relation to frames, single or multiple mats, filets, spacers, shadow box displays, and glaze choices. Special installations for unusual items and textiles are also considerations. We can offer alternative museum glass, and for larger pieces, the safety of Optimum Museum clear acrylic. We make sure all artwork is given the best possible options.

>REACH OUT TODAY! 615-945-2950 #DisasterRelief #HurricaneIanRecovery #FloridaArtRestoration -->For museum-quality restoration services, contact Tindell's Restoration today! #HurricaneIan #Disaster #Restoration #Conservation, #Smoke, #Fire, #Water, #Mold, #Framing Tindell's Restoration offers Full-Service restorations for Disaster Relief, including Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold damage. All restoration types are considered.

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