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Who We Are & What We Do

Tindell's Restoration offers Full-Service restorations for Disaster Relief, including Fire, Smoke, Water, and Mold damage. All restoration types are considered.

We can assist directly with your insurance agent or contractor for necessary claims filing. This can include an on-site review offering detailed damage analysis with photos before any pack out. We can assist with the immediate preservation of items on-site and offer recommendations to prevent further damage. We can suggest pack-out guidelines and safe storage with considerations on values vs. restoration vs. cash out.

Damaged Objects may require a review for a determination as to the cost of restoration and/or the value before/after restoration. For example, a shipping or moving service delivers your damaged object. You need to submit a written claim. We can provide a review at your location. You can email us photos and details of the damaged object. You can ship the object(s) directly to us for review and possible restoration.

With our many years of experience processing thousands of objects for restoration, we know current trends in collectibles, regional market values, auction activities, dealer value transactions, and much more. We can provide our letter of review and service form details to submit to the relevant party for a basis of claim.

We can assist a Company (disaster relief vendor, shipper, mover, maid service, insurer, etc.) with reviewing an object to determine if the damage is due to the current event or reflects a prior/older restore.

We can research an object during our restoration processing to determine a restored value based on the amount of damage corrected in comparison to a non-restored of the same. Clients often request this information as a record to be kept for reference to an heirloom. This information is useful in determining insurance for homeowners and other types of scheduled policies. It is often helpful in educating family members about existing treasures.

Our range of services includes, but are not limited to: Oil paintings, mixed media artworks, works on paper, maps, books, textiles, and graphics to include photos, sculptures, figurines, crystal, glass, rare unusual items, frame restoration, and conservation framing.

Assessments, Insurance Claims, Restored Values, or Heirloom Appraisals requested? There are several reasons why it might become necessary to ascertain the value of an object. For that reason, condition reviews and appraisal services are available as well.

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